Monday, July 27, 2009

my new temptation

I got this Lomo Camera and the Fish eye from my bro in law ! Now i doesnt need to spend any single penny for that. hoooorayy....but
I still have to figure it out how to use it and capture the perfect pictures

Sunday, July 26, 2009



心情的起伏好大, 五味参杂一起




我要好好珍惜可以上lecture and tutorial 的时光

用心的听课, 不再旷课, 不会在班上睡觉, 不会对着讲师发呆


Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Splash 2009, Tokyo

Sensoji Temple

The grandma is nearly 90 years old but yet still able to take over the shop
Black Sesame Ice-Cream !


Sue bought her new Coach Bag !
Must try this cake.
Can get it at Tobu Department Store. Have to be fast because it will sold out in less than 1 hour.
Omg..i wish i can stay longer at Tokyo to try all the cakes and bread. Most important my wallet must fill up with money all the time.

Tatami Room

Depart to Mt.Fuji by express train .

Cant see Mt.Fuji due to bad weather and too cloudy. Felt damn disappointed and the train ticket cost us 7090 Yen ( 270 RM approximately) . DAMN DAMN DAMN wasted !

End up, we found this cheese cake shop at Kawaguchiko lake. The cakes are extremely yummy and soft. I swear Japan bakeries can be the top ranking No 1 in the world where you can get the superlicious yummy cakes or bread from any bakery shops here.

Peach flavor Ice -Cream is so popular at Japan
I cant see Mt. Fuji !!!!!!!

I wrote all my wishes on this letter
Japanese youngster love to eat this crepe right now. Hot trend i guess

Amazing night view from Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Disneyland

Looking at the map.

I am sooo ...lazy to continue upload other pictures after create 3 photo albums in facebook. So, just click on my facebook if you want .