Saturday, December 29, 2007


Honey dated me out for dinner and watch movie at pavillion.he fetch me. When step in his car,i feel so surprise when saw something put on the car idea what is that but its really cuteeeeeeeeeeee and funny.he said tht are cup cakes which got some xmas deco above it..i was so in love with it and felt really surprise !! this is a really special present for me .thank you so much for the card and cup cakes,although it is late for few days.but anyway thanks a lot..

and i read the xmas card tht u gave me .feel so touch of all what u say.

thanks for the surprise !!

sooooo cuteeee ......i love this little Fat snow Man ..!!!

5 little Fat Snow Man.......

Thursday, December 27, 2007

X'mAs eVe

having a great moments when celebrated xmas eve with a bunch of good friends + honey....went up to Genting to see fireworks...decided to try tht Olive Restaurant which located at Highlands Hotel but when looked on tht price ...jz only can describe :"Damn FxxKin xpensive" For the xmas dinner,is rm300++ per person.oh my god ..4 ppl X rm300=rm1200,as a poor student, we are not willing to pay so much for only 1 meal..mayb wait for ppl treat me 1st. so,we switch to Coffee Terrance.its quite affordable for the price yet, buffet rm78 per person..there were so many choices of food..what make us a blink of an eyes is the Turkey.i never try it before
this..we jz like hungryyyy Ghost ! took every kind of food ..


miss phoebe

miss charming no1

miss charming no 2

miss charming no 3 !

picture without candy and josie

this ladies sing really well no matter English song or Chinese .

after ate,we were too full and even hard to walked to the main door ...suddenly feel regret and guilty to eat so almost 4 days i din go for "pu pu ".my stomach as big as the balloon...met up with winnie and roy at 1st world's Starbucks..we were waiting for the count down sessions in front of Highland Hotel thea..

capture every moments down ...

tht idiot behind always like to disturb leng luiss.

i loveee this picture

koon wai which is the supervisors of 1st world Genting Starbucks that i mention b4 he is still available at the moment..he is really nice friend to know with .

no idea with wat kind of poses
actually this picture is nice but unfortunately it was spoil by few white dots thea ..
the weather at genting was freezing cold and windy ...its really very cold ..have to praise xinyi that so brave which jz wore a tub + scurf...its almost 12am , we all cheeers for the Merry xmas and waiting for the ,wait ,wait ,wait and wait ...its already 12.30 am .it seem din have fireworks at all for tonight. was a bit disappointed about it ..However , we still enjoy the night spend with friends .=)

The Hair's Revolution

Shopping before xmas at midvalley and The Garden ..while searching for special stuff that can buy as a xmas present for honey ,unexpectedly...He found an ugly ,not adorable at all ,stupid soft toy. It is an ugly duck i never see before ..hahaha..but its definitely make my days bright on that day.we laugh until our tears drop down and stomachache...its true ..i'm not exaggerate !!

Below is the process of "HAIR REVOLUTION "


This is the original hair style messy and looks like Rambutan .

However ,no worries..he can change his hair style as like this..Botak

Beckham's hair style

Rock stars hair style

End up,we din bring this home because its a bit xpensive which cost rm66 stg.

Rich people ..poor me have to wait aside

Precious moment with babes

Thursday was public holiday...having date with my friends.went to Pavillion since hwee kee said she never been there before.i be the driver of the day .After fetch hk,then xin yi and sheany..feel lucky coz not really Jam around K.L..we straightly had our lunch since so hungryyy..xinyi din joined us because was met up with her A-level ex-classmate..There were plenty of choices of foods..i ordered Pat tai which Thai Fried Keow Teow while hk and sheany ordered tht S'pore Char Keow the queue was so long,they wait for more than 15min..

Hwee kee's



Hwee kee and me

Sheany and me

the deco was so nice white

miss aw and me
shopping during public holiday or weekend always have to wait for everything buy a J.Co doughnut,we queue for 30 mins! Gosh !! without wasting time,we took pictures again while waiting..

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

SoMe pictures that 'r taken

shea nee and me
7 of us.

haha...i feel so embarrassing when wearing that angle wing ..