Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I think sometimes creating post in my blog is a time consuming thing. I have to think of an interesting content to write something about. For me, currently, the content of my blog is just to update myself of the happenings around me.

Back to something happening yesterday night. I was having dinner with chow's and his family to celebrated uncle chow's 65 years old birthday.Again,birthday celebration dinner.

okay.Enough said.

  • The ambience, interior design at 皇宫restaurant was Great!
  • The Food is so excellent. It even makes me even drool now. It is that NICE.
  • I love the shark's Fin soup, the 乳猪,sizzling prawn,蒸鱼。All are so special and i'm just realize actually chinese cuisine can be so delicious. It was marvelous

unfortunately, i am too shy to take any photos for the foods.Reasons was i dont 1 they think i am an orang asli came from deep jungle. and most important i dont want they showed me a weird expression on face and feeling towards me. such as

*Eler . Never try it before ar ?*

*They will grinnssss secretly.*

This was my self-judgement to them. hahahaha

Friday, March 7, 2008

hWee kEe's buffday

Out-ing and celebrated Hwee Kee's 20th Birthday..although it was a bit late but hope she enjoyed and happy with it ..



Wednesday, March 5, 2008


It has been a while since i post anything ..dont think tht i am stop blogging already.Time flies.Chinese New Year is over and now is reaching 3rd month of year 2008.What have you done this past 3 months? Have you even started to achieve your 1st little, tiny goal that you have written down at the beginning of this year? For the past,i had been wasted times and miss out too many things. Time is no turning back but life still have second chance . I am try hard to starting over now and aware of it when make a decision to do something about it. I am so regret din study hard and get a better result for the past. I am so regret cant apply for the better University. I am so regret din choose ADP program 3 years ago .Maybe now i shd be study in US. Too many Maybe in my life cause the today of me..

I am reaching to 21st very soon. I am the REAL ADULT in couple of months later. The mixture of my feeling is hard to describe although I have so many things to write and yet i can't really express it out. For the past 21 years. i wasnt a outstanding student in school ,wasnt a perfect character that i wish to be ,wasnt the most popular friend among the group of friends. However, accepted the truth is the only way i can do. I always believe God is Fair towards everyone. He will preserve the good that suit you and take away others. It needs time to let us figure it out. I always believe i am not the worst 1. At least i have a warm families and the greatest honey in my heart that support me ,pampering me. Is hard to get the love one that loyal to Love and Relationship. I should learn the "Kung Fu" from him .

Updates on my physical dressings a bit. I have currently bought few shirts from Topshop,miss Selfridge, Zara, Dress from Bangsar Boutique, Shoe from Nike. I get myself a new Lalat spec from Emporio Armani. was so satisfied to bought it for 400 bucks after sales. Oh yea,
I gotta get myself ,maybe in the near future~ A GUCCI BAG or LV !!! I'm so freaking in love with it. *just pondering* and giving myself a DREAM! Maybe Maybe...

Started my 2nd semester in my 2nd year in Help. This time gonna be independent and appreciate the moments with friends. i will be apply the different Uni from Little Group. Actually is not what i want. I have no confident or maybe i din have the sufficient enough power to work hard for it. Knew few new friends in the class and they are quite nice. Hoping can work out the new friendship in the future with them.

Last, I will make sure that my short term goal is achieved!* ~ Long term goal is still in the back of my mind. I Will and I Can .

TA !!