Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shopping spreeeeee

It had been a long long long...time never shop like this
I bought a blue Georgie Pinup dress from dotti
2 set of bangles which is very trendy right now from Diva
A ribbon hairband from Valley Girl
A pair of red high heels from Basque
A pair of black high heels from Aldo
Feel greats yet my wallet injured seriously
Shaine influence us to buy it .At the end, few of us bought the same high heels
Basque . I fall in love with the red color when saw it at first sight
Georgia Pinup dress from Dotti and some accessories
S ,E and P

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Luxury hotels

Have you guys ever think of which country to have your honeymoon trip ?

Maldives , Europe , or Japan should be on top of the list.

For me, i wish i could

stay in the luxury hotels with perfect seaview,

Sunbathing with the love ones while enjoying a cocktails

massaging service or SPA is a must

and the most important


till taa...

There are few hotels that i would like to share with

1. Santorini, Greece

Ikies Traditional Houses

I feel that Greece can consider as one of the best place to have honeymoon.

The special for this Winemaker House is the romantic views where you can enjoy the sun set over the Aegean Sea.

2. Paphos, Cyprus


Just click and check out on it ! You will be stun with the infinity pool.

3. Fesdu Island, Maldives

W Retreat and Spa - Maldives

Ideal for anyone who favors white sand beaches! The special feature is the glass-paneled flooring where u can see through the colorful sea life below on it.

There are still have lots of resorts to be check out through...

will be update again =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Recalling back

"Stamps collection"
Used to be part of my hobby
but it being abandoned when i grew up
too many distractions out's there.
too many other new stuff to be explore
Moreover, i feel that it's kinda expensive to collect the newly issued, commemorative stamps
a piece of it might cost 30-50 bucks
so i rather to spend the money on my closets instead of stamps.

I'd found this special prestige stamps booklet at Aus Post office
it consists 5 brands of toy stamps

Classic Toys

I believed every young girls used to love it . Either me

Kawaii ~

Friday, October 9, 2009


Its Springtime in Aussie and Jacarandas in bloom!
Dont you think they have some kind of attraction to catch on people's eyes and yet they are powerful enough to make one's feel calmness......relaxing.....enjoying ...I luv this kind of feeling !

But there is one fact, when students see Jacarandas , it means exam is around the corner....=.='''





Wednesday, October 7, 2009

17 Sep until 19 Sep , Gold Coast

An ultimate trip with the girls at Gold Coast. It actually was the last chances for us to meet up, gather and pillow talks, fool around. Shaine's word had inspired me.
Shaine: "You know, Its pretty hard for 5 of us to meet up again at Aussie!" Yea, i'm absolutely agreed with it since Jeemei was study at Adelaide, Shaine was study at Toowoomba ( 1 and the half hour by car to Brisbane. How good if all of us were study at the same Uni and live under the same roof. I bet we can rocks the house til being complaint by neighbour.

The private apartment that we stayed => Circle On Cavill

IMG_6264 edit

A moments that make ourself become prettier and enchancing looks
IMG_6292 edit

The building behind us is tallest building at Gold Coast ,QDec
IMG_6396 edit


Heading to Surfers Paradise !
IMG_6408 resized

Bikini chickss
5 of us

Sexy Back
I'm bringin sexy back
them other boys don't know how to act
I think it's special what's behind your back

IMG_6430 edit

I remembered we were NG so many time for this pose. Jumped, Jumped and Jumped to capture it
IMG_6458 edit

How sweets and warm with the friendship that we had
IMG_6524 edit

Cuddling and cramp together . Look at Shaine's face expression..hahahahah

IMG_6619 edit

Bear Customisation . You can choose any kind of bear features and step on the machine's pedal to make sure the cotton can be pump into the bear's body.
It cost slightly $45 ++ included the cloths and you will get a birth certificate of the bear !

After the bear being shaped up, we took a red heart, rub and make a wish.
I don't know what's other wishes that babes hope to achieve it. But i am sure we have the same wish. :
Shaine : tick-tok tick tok, i am graduate and back to home!
Sue : tick-tok tick tok, i am graduate and back to home!
Phoebe: tick-tok tick tok, i am graduate and back to home!
Eugenie:tick-tok tick tok, i am graduate and back to home!

Showering my baby bear

Our kids!
How come there is someone always MIA in our group photo?

Jeemei, i am saying YOU !


A tower that should be visit when you come to Gold Coast

It is the world’s tallest residential tower and the world’s fastest elevators. We proved it where it really took slightly 43 seconds to reach 77 floors . Besides, the spectacular 360 degree Gold Coast views from the surf to the hinterland and beyond are so amazing!


We were HERE !


Jee Mei and Danny


Does it look familiar if you guys always chasing korean dramas? Those koreans like to pose this.
Bogoshipo ~

Robina Town Centre
kinda looks like The Garden and Pavillion. God! i miss them both so muchiee! Really cant wait to go back and hang around with the long lost friends..
Sheany , Xinyi, Josie , I dont care how busy you guys are! Must shop for the new year cloths together,k?

Every girls love Chocolate ?
Please answer with no doubt

MAX BRENNER Chocolate Bar we found you !

Females gather for a high-tea sessions . Bringing kids out and gossiping


me with the tutti-frutti waffles


Variety of chocos !


Din realize time past so fast . Our 3 days 2 night trip came to the end. so reluctant to let it go

However, shall see you guys around Jan 2010.miss you n lovs you
KissU Kiss U