Friday, July 11, 2008


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

my redang trip

just came back from Redang. It was GREAT and SuperB. or i can say definitely perfect if the Day 1 is sunny day. really do have a memorable trip with honey and another 2 best trip mate.Yong Xian and her 'bf.

Day 1 : 3 July 2008

we reach at the terminal bus station, Kuala Terengganu early 5am.its MORNING! thanks to the bus driver for driving so so so fast even speed up when its rainning. just imagine terrible accident will happen and we create the headline of the newspaper. *touch wood*. Have to wait for the driver from Laguna Resort to fetch us at 7 am sharp. so the only thing can do is sleep. everyone seem tired,maybe because of the journey is long enough. the uncle drop us at the so called China Town to have a simple break1st and plan to reach the Merang Jetty before 930am. i tho the Jetty is not far from the town area. who expected it need 45 minutes to reach there again. the time is estimated very well. once we reach the jetty, we can sit for the boat and it takes slightly 40 minutes.So, to reach the destination by bus ,you need 8 and the half hour .

OH MY GOD ! really cant wait to reach there . my feeling is extremely excited.Everyone need to sleep in the boat to prevent dizzy and vomit. so do we . Finally, we reached. the sea is clear .Really clear. just like a paradise. had a short briefing and provide us some informations about Redang such as the DOs and DONTs. After that, we had our lunch. The food is not bad. probably because we are hungry.After check in to the room, we rest awhile and take bath prepared go to the beach .

Before go out. camwhoring first.


unfortunately,the sky turned grey. Yes..obviously. it getting raining. Gosh ! it rains until mid night. i cant go to the BEACH ! wth it is.. we just rest in room . i dont wish it will rain for the 3 days. killing me . anyway. i am having a sweet moments with honey. can hugging together to sleep, watched the summer holidays movie.(it repeated and repeated) , camwhoring.

Day 2 4 July 2008

Woke up at 530am. wanted to go to see the sun rise. This was my 1st time to do such a romantic thing with honey. Walked along the beach.There were few people. the sky is still Dark.very dark...only can heard the 海浪声。i felt that its not comfortable. Maybe i started imagine the tsunami inccident. what if the wave now its higher than 5 ft.din have enough time to escape also. Silly me for thinking too much.

天刚破晓 ...i always prefer day time more than night time.

Having breakfirst

Snorkeling at Marine Park.The sea is full of nice.

2 pretty bikini girls

Honey's art work

Die under my leg

Day 3 5 July 2008

we went back at 9 am morning.Dont really want to go back. wish could stay 2 more days over here .

Bubby Redang .......hope to come back again.