Thursday, August 21, 2008


when i looked back my redang trip pictures again and again

suddenly i feel like going back to Redang

i really have to admit it

Redang is really a nice place to be

the life was just Relax Relax and Relax only

some more

it bring a lot of sweet memories for me

Redang , i want to go back one more time

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

无论是爱情,友情, 亲情
其实我对未来的路都 充满了希望
我不要我接下来的人生是苦闷, 无趣兼无味

只是这往往都是要 钱 MONEY
gimme gimme gimme MONEY
一开始,你应该会为得来不易并新的宝贝而不离手,时时刻刻都把它惦记着 捧在手心
并告诉自已 它是你的最爱 它是无可取代
但 过了一时期 你又为新的物品风狂,想尽办法怎样去争取 然后又得到

欲望---->争取---->得到---->满足---->厌倦 ----

厌倦<-----满足<----- 得到<----争取<----- 欲望



Saturday, August 9, 2008

BeiJing Olympic 2008

Its kinda late to post this up. Anyway ,i still want to said WELL DONE to China .

WOWwww WoWwww Woowwww






That were my feelings while watching the opening of the Beijing Olympic 2008. You know what ! The opening is not about show off-ing the hi-tech-digitalized presentation, but is about the performances by the power of human. Once of the moment, i feel so proud being a chinese. No lie .
Zhang Yi Mo,you are the great one. ANG MOssss, now you still dare to discriminate Chinese anot ?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the month of August

step in the month of August,year 2008.

as realized that the time passes soooooo fast.

just ask yrself a simple question.

"are you able to achieve the short term goal that planned before year 2008 yet?"

For me , things were going slightly smooth.Not that too bad and Not that too satisfied.

had been gone through 1016 days with my mr.chow since the day 24 october 2006.

Counting down the day to reach end of Jan 2009.5 more months to go.

I am sure it will become a challenging life for me to accept everything which is new.

have to learn how to cook and learn independent

i had started my last semester in Help.talking 3 core subject. only 1 word can describe it.

===> HARD

Hopefully i will enjoy my last semester in Help Uni. When looked back 3 years ago, the life in foundation was bring a lot of sweet memories for me . 10 friends were group into 1 ,so called Little Group. but the friendship between us seem does not keep on moving.

Until today, only sue and I will apply for the Griffith .Winnie and Hwee Kee went to UQ.

So, I hope will meet a bunch of best soul mate at Griffith which i want the most.

Last but not least,
Finally, after 2 and the half years

i changed back to straight hair. Its so easy to maintain it compare to curly hair but just wondering it suit me anot.