Sunday, January 18, 2009

Red Cliff II

i fall sick. It attacked me suddenly without giving any noticed. Sore Throat, fewer and flu. I guess my sick will even worst that something have bothering my mood right now. I am really afraid and have phobia to recall it back. Tired, exhausted .
However, i still able to make myself to attend this Premiere Screening for Red Cliff II ! The actual date for the show is on 23 Jan. Thanks sis for the tickets.I am waiting for it since 26 July after the Red Cliff I been watched.
All i can tell about Red Cliff II is ok ok only. Some part was quite boring. Try to avoid watch mid night show. Possibility to fall asleep is high. The worst is totally no any sex scene at all. Sienz..
Cant see Takeshi, Tony Leung's sexy body. =.= ""
Anyway, i still satisfied with the ending.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Followed my sis to Penang due to business trip. Penang, a place that quite familiar with. It remind me that last time always been there for shopping, seeing doctors when sick, and the most important is makan makan at there. ( AsamLaksa, MeeCurry, Char Kui Teow, Har Mee and etc)

G Hotel lobby ( this is the most stylist concept hotel at Penang, really cant resists for it )

wahahahaha...Gspot ??? Try to think yellow abit.Damn funny.. How could they named it ?

The swimming pool

My LeeHom's latest album

Dinner at Bali Hai~ . ( try to pronounce with Cantonese ) I wonder why Penang people are so hamshap. They like to give such yellowish name for their restaurant and bar.

The seafood are really fresh.

shit ! i hate this the most ! Si Ham ! its just very disgusting.

Pak cheok Ha . The taste is sweet and FRESH . must try for it

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The month of January is full of laughters, joys. i never expect it! Maybe i will be leaving soon and din have much of time to spend with friends for the coming 1 year. I try to slot in every appointment in my schedule. I realized that friends play an important role in our daily life. For the past, i just wish to spend all the precious moment with the partner. This cause me losing a lot of chances to know, to mix up with friends.

Michelangelo's again

i luv the chair especially the word M

Nah ! This is Koon Wai. One of the Starbucks branch manager. He works at Genting Starbucks. You guys can get 30 % from him if he is willing to give. =)

Gosh ! i looked old . Seem like older 3 years old compare to my actual age.
Thumbs up for the foods

A little surprise for my friend. Hope he like it and suit for it.

Burberry T. I can wear the kid's size 10 !

Event 2
Bali theme Restaurant . The most nicer place that Cheng Cheng introduced to me .

Romantic place to date with the love ones.

Outing with Wency . We figure out that we can non-stop gossip about.

Event 3 M.O.F

my cousin, Trelisa