Saturday, February 2, 2008

Valentine's day fall during Chinese new Year period ..its so coincident yi blame it because she cant celebrate this 1st Valentine's day with her darling due to she was at the home town with family...nvm la,xin yi ...everyday is consider as a valentine's day for a couple ... anyway,hope the relationship betweens both of u can last forever =)

i found some cutessss + sweetsssss + sexyyyyy sleepwears from Victoria's Secret ..wish to own it but its unavailable at here ...=( ..jz can view it from the web site.

This is my favourite
(i'm jz in love with those sweetss stuff)

This is Sheany's favourite
( she has this kind of size cup )

This is Xinyi's favourite
(so wild and sexy )

and last ,this is Josie's favourite
(she's a bit old minded )

i guess they gonna hack me later soon....hahahahaha...