Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Am i lucky enough ?? I think it is ! Found this super comfy, a very new, classy residential areas to stay. Sue and I rent each of the single room with a very low price! Furthermore, it is just very near to my Uni and the Garden City, Westfield ( a huge shopping mall where BigW, David Jones, Woolworth, Kmart,Coles, cineplex can be found !)

There is 1 good news which we have to stay with the guai lou landlady, Anna. She is just 30 years old and work as interior designer. I hope we can be living harmony under the same roof. No conflicts, No arguements , and No fights .

A nice name : Wishart

Up the Hill

The swimming pool

This is the house we live in

The kitchen

The living room

My wardrobe ! Its quite big enough to put in all my cloths.

My temporarily room. Gonna decorate it with extra pinky things . Sue said she want get 1 set of "Hotel Collection "of bed sheet! 119 bucks for it !

Friday, February 20, 2009


Had my Sydney trip with bunch of mates on Valentine's day. 14 Feb 2009. This was my first time far apart from babyhao after attach to him 3 years ago.

14 Feb 09
First day reached the city of Sydney,my cousin sister, Shereen and her guai lou fiance went to airport fetch sue and me.We actually took Virgin Blue and i guess its something like budget airlines. Gosh , the plane is so bumpy. Seriously, i really think of what if aircraft accident happen? I am just 21st years old , man ! still not yet graduate, haven walk through my own path, haven get marry and etc. Anyway, luckily the duration from Brisbane to Sydney need only 1 hour.

Shereen brought us to Darling Harbour which she said ITS a must to go. There actually have lots of restaurants, cafe which quite famous and facing perfect scenery. We went to Lindt Cafe. Lindt is a brand for chocolate from Switzerland. I never heard of this brand before as Malaysia only have the outlets for Godiva, Patchi.

Every girls luv chocolates if it doenst contain high calories and causing obesity. So do i. BUT i still able to control the temptations of chocolates. Lindt was full of people and long queue. Shereen insist want us to try of the most famous Ice Chocolate ( can choose either milk or dark) Aussies really in love with Chocolates. You can get the chocolate, or hot chocolate at any corner of the place. Now i realized why most of the friends can gain their weight after came to this country. How girls can resists it when you can see the chocolate cakes, desserts, hot chocolates, the huge burgers, the Japanese foods, Korean Foods, DimSum which the taste triple nicer than Malaysia

A wedding party was held . Kissing + Sweets

My cousin sister, Shereen and her fiance , Jonathan

Sue and me with Ice Chocolates and the Opera cakes, Waffles cakes. Once you taste it, you will never forget it and i bet you will come back for it ! Just forget about FAT and growing meat.

Queen Victoria Building (QVB). This building is so impress! And when you think of Queen Victoria live in that huge building before it, its so wow wow wow ! Now, it have transform to a shopping mall.

We went for the next destination, Manly Beach which located at north part at Sydney. Actually we are disturbing their Valentine's Day. But Jonathan said he just propose to my cousin the week before we came. Congrats to Shereen and we really can see the glare from her hand before they told us. should be more than 1 carats.

Jonathan and his soft shell crab.
Caeser Salad with Salmon Fish

The BEST Fish & Chip i ever eat before. Seriously, no lies.
Opera House !! Finally i saw u .
Harbour Bridge . I want to conquer you in one day.

Hwee Kee and me
Close yr eyes and feel the great moments.

Young ladies

Kam Tong Restaurant. If u come to Sydney, go to china town try for it. so FRESHY and of coz the price is so costly.

Scallops . BIG & JUICY
Tiger Prawn with Toufu
Another Spot that is a MUST to go is Sydney Fish Market.
Blue Mountain . This place is too fxxking boring to stay. Totally full of old folks and damn cold! The worst is , we need to stay 1 night at backpackers. AND it just located beside the funeral , coffin shop. I cant wait to wrap my bag immediately back to City of Sydney!
We pass by 2nd hand bookstores. There contains lots of long decades books where some of it cost few thousand bucks.
Vintage feel and this is 2nd hand.
Bondi Beach
Skaters show- off ing
We rush to Bondi Beach after came down from Blue Mountain and carry too much of luggage
2 pairs for 30 bucks. means only rm36. so CHEAP !
Pork Ribs .